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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [proposal] rethinking distribution strategy
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 20:13:06 GMT
Let's face it: we suck at releasing early and often.

We are plagued by the fear of breaking contracts, so we release only
when we are absolutely positive those contracts won't break. Which
normally means "never".

So, the result is that we don't acquire the user feedback that allows us
to shake those contracts and see how solid they are.

Result: stall.

                                 - o -

I propose the following:

 1) release Cocoon 2.1 beta *RIGHT NOW*. This means package what we have
and shipt it. No cleanup, no todo list, no docs to add, nothing. Just
"build dist" and go go go.

 2) change the meaning of "beta" from "API solid, code somewhat shaky"
to "code solid, API somewhat shaky".

What does it mean for users:

 a) they get a release we consider stable in code (in fact cocoon
2.1-dev is pretty damn rock solid from a code point of view, I never had
a failure in months and many are using it in production with no problems)

 b) they get to try out the new features and get their hands dirty, but
we warn them that they might require some finetuning. This shouldn't be
a big problem since it will take months for them to base anything on
production on the new features and by then we'll have released the final

What does it mean for developers:

 a) we finally get this thing out of the door and feel releaved.

 b) user feedback will help us polish our contracts much more than we
can do ourselves talking between us only

 c) the stall is broken

What do you think?


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