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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [PMC Vote] Copyright footer on Cocoon Wiki
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 19:25:53 GMT
On 9/04/2003 19:46 Andrew Savory wrote:

> I've been thinking about this, and in the context of adding abuse
> protection to the wiki, too. If we require some simple registration
> procedure before using the wiki to help minimise abuse, perhaps the
> registration procedure could have a click-through license agreement? I'm
> not sure how legally binding that would be.

- if it's hosted on nagoya, it would be technically possible to 
click-through an agreement that states additions to the wiki become "(c) 
ASF" since the Wiki runs inside the * URI space (nitpicking: 
I would like to see proof of this requirement/policy, just out of 
curiosity - I suspect some things in this respect to be underspecified, 
like the GPL policy)

- this would require oversight of the PMC to check no content gets added 
which would be illegal (patented stuff, Microsoft KB articles, yada 
yada) - I assume the diff mails can be seen as some way to provide this 
oversight, so we would be OK

- still, to be really correct, Wiki authors should then also be signing 
the committers agreement & fax it to Jim, which seems like one step too 
much - I'm not so sure whether this last step is a required and 
realistic requirement

Something more or less related: as much as the ASF license is my 
favourite open source license, some other people prefer other ones. How 
would they be able to add onto the Wiki? One of the ideas behind is to serve as a platform for non-ASF, yet still OSS 
Cocoon-related projects (like a Cocoon block which would depend on GPL 

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