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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: [PMC Vote] Copyright footer on Cocoon Wiki
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 20:29:45 GMT
On 8/04/2003 10:13 Andrew Savory wrote:

> I suspect the best way to speedily resolve the issue is to either allow
> the use of (c) ASF (and I really can't see why this would be a problem,
> since after all every installed copy of Cocoon has that printed at the
> bottom whether it's on ASF machines or not) or to push ahead and move the
> content across to ASF hardware. Of course, if this is likely to take weeks
> or even months, then we should come up with an alternative.

I think "(c) ASF" is still flexing the rules more than referring to the 
"Cocoon Community" as the owner of the Wiki content.

We as a PMC are able to grant the right to use the Cocoon name, but we 
cannot change the rules stipulating only content managed and published 
from infrastructure can be "(c) ASF".

Then again, I'm pretty sure there is currently comparable oversight over 
the Cocoon Wiki content as over the nagoya ASF Wiki, because of the 
automated diff mails send to an ASF list. So we could say the 
information on the Wiki is reviewed after all by this community, and 
even though it isn't hosted on ASF equipment, effectively is part of 
this project -> hence "(c) ASF". Sigh.

Personally, I think "(c) The Cocoon Community" with proper approval of 
this PMC would do the job until we migrate to nagoya.

Can we continue this vote? I would like to finish the process that 
Stefano started.

Steven Noels                  
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