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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Resigning from Cocoon PMC Chair
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 21:50:47 GMT
> To reduce the weight that the role of a PMC Chair puts onto one's 
> shoulders, I propose to make the terms of our PMC Chair last only six 
> months (as is the situation with the Avalon project IIRC). The ancient 
> Athen democracy as described in 
> was also keen on temporary roles, so that a community effectively, 
> one-term-at-a-time, becomes self-gouverning.

This will be my first Cocoon message in months.  I'm currently in 
hybernate mode as many things have pre-empted my work here.  This being 
said, I monitor the project as best I can given the volume (god I wish 
there were a newsletter by a Rob type character similar to the Jakarta 
one).  I've thus far not seen any issues that invoked me ;-).  This 
however does.

I think this is unwise if you mean that a person could only serve for 6 
months.  I could be wrong, but even on a project like this one, you 
might find you run through the number of willing and qualified PMC 
chairpersons in short order.

Steven, although we often don't get along and at times have "trust 
issues", you know that I hold your contributions and dedication in 
considerable esteem and we often do agree.

In this spirit, I'd encourage you not to seek the PMC position 
yourself.  I think it is likely that your contributions to Cocoon may 
lead to its eventual "success" however you might define that.  (and I'm 
meaning this in a broader sense/magnitude than "its already succeeded", 
I'm thinking a near magnitude to "like HTTPD has succeeded").  I also 
think that they give you interests that may at times may, ironically 
because of these contributions, conflict with the greater good for 
Cocoon and its community.  I fear that you might be driven, not out of 
spite or intent, to act from the PMC chair in a manner which would not 
be positive.  Such would likely be divisive and would not suit your 
interests or those of Cocoon.

This is my advice.  Take it for what you will.  This is all I plan to 
say on the matter.


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