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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Resigning from Cocoon PMC Chair
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 21:20:07 GMT
On 7/04/2003 19:59 Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Remember guys, the chair is *not* the technical lead. What do you want 
> Stefano to be, an apparatus man or the PITA the makes us *think*?



I wish you a great trip, and I do hope you will have time (and a proper 
internet connection) to be that PITA from time to time. As you said, you 
aren't "going away" (except for the usual 
I'm-in-the-middle-of-the-sea-aren't-you-guys-jealous?-mails), and during 
your leave of absence, we as a community still have plenty of 
food-for-thought on the table you served us lately with. Enjoy a 
well-deserved break!

We must all remember that we are in this for fun and intellectual 
pleasure, and one should not remain cast in a role he/she doesn't find 
funny anymore. As a PMC Chair, Stefano did a great job in moving us and 
the project into an Apache top-level project and certainly brought a new 
energy into the project lately.

As Nicola indicates, we shouldn't confuse the legal role of a Chair with 
the role Stefano and many other committers have been fullfilling in 
bringing on new ideas and RTs.

"Coming out", I assume at least some of you might be aware of recent bad 
vibes between Stefano and me, but we spoke each other on the phone this 
evening and the skies are cleared between us.

                                 - o -

To reduce the weight that the role of a PMC Chair puts onto one's 
shoulders, I propose to make the terms of our PMC Chair last only six 
months (as is the situation with the Avalon project IIRC). The ancient 
Athen democracy as described in 
was also keen on temporary roles, so that a community effectively, 
one-term-at-a-time, becomes self-gouverning.

I'm cc'ing board to see whether this is OK by them, I've just read 
article 5.2 of the ASF bylaws and ASF membership seems not to be a 
requirement for a PMC Chair of a toplevel project (= Officer IIUC) - 
this would be a problem otherwise, since we the amount of members 
amongst our active committers 
( is fairly limited 
compared to some other projects (like

In the Apache style of self-empowerment, and given the fact the value I 
can provide to this community isn't so much code-related, I would be 
willing, upon your approval of course, to relieve Stefano from his 
current role for the next six months to come.


Steven Noels                  
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