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From Steven Noels <>
Subject moving the Wiki to nagoya
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 17:06:45 GMT
Pier (and Stefano of course),

in preparation of our F2F meeting I'm looking forward to (gee, that 
sounds way too official ;-) I would like to start thinking about the 
migration of the Cocoon Wiki to some proper ASF Java-hosting resource, 
aka 'nagoya' :-)

You were talking about a systems upgrade - which should presumably be 
done prior to moving over there, hosted by a 
full-blown Cocoon instance, and I assume also the JSPWiki installation 
should perhaps be postponed until then. Do you have any guestimate 
w.r.t. this upgrade?

JSPWiki has gone stable with 2.0.36 on 22/Feb so that's already taken 
care off. I've bugged the authors already about dropping the existing 
license in favor of some Apache-style license, alas only to effect of - 
and LGPL still doesn't quite cut it IMHO.

Still, I assume the time is there to migrate the Cocoon Wiki to ASF 
resources, personal vents aside. I am very much willing, with your 
Solaris expertise alongside, to help you with the JSPWiki install & 
continued maintenance.

It seems Stefano has been composing a mail alongside mine. Oh well. What 
a great way to finish the day. :-((

Slightly confused by today,

Steven Noels                  
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