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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Resigning from Cocoon PMC Chair
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 16:53:07 GMT
I hereby resign from my ASF officer position of Apache Cocoon PMC Chair.

I ask the ASF board to ratify this in their next meeting.

                                  - o -

The reasons for this are many, but mostly related to a general sense of
friction brought together by my actions of moving the project forward
and cleaning up all potential future legal problems.

I now feel that my presence is an obstacle to the improvement of the
diversity of this community, my position of 'sponsorship' often
misinterpreted as 'leadership' and brings all sort of negativity on the

Moreover, I will be leaving for part two of my world tour in a few weeks
and I won't be able to provide the oversight that my role requires and
the board assumes.

                                  - o -

One of my heros of ancient history is Solon.

He was the man who created the laws of the city of Athens in ancient
greece, but when he finished his job, he went back to agricolture
instead of becoming yet-another-emperor.

You can read about it at

Anyway, I've always questioned myself what I would have done in that
position. I don't think I'll ever know, but life taught me recently that
happyness and peace of mind is what we should be looking for and this
rarely comes from power or money or visibility or ego satisfaction.

But from a balanced life.

And I'm in the process of understanding what is good for my balance and
what it's not and being the cocoon PMC chair doesn't help me bring any
more balance to my life, thus this decision.

I'm not proposing anybody to substitute me. Volunteers will emerge and
the community will vote them, then I'll forward it to you so that you
officially approuve the change.

I will remain in my position until then.

After that, I will keep on working inside the community as a committer.

Some cocoon committers might feel responsible for this move or others
might point fingers. Please don't. This idea of resigning has been
around for months, I just happend to cross the borderline today.

Interesting enough, I find myself relieved, not sad or angry or any
negative feeling. This is very nice and will help me as well as the
community to move forward.

Thanks for everything.


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