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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: limiting rowset size in SQLTransformer
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 09:57:06 GMT

> The SQLTransformer lacks an important feature that is present in
> the ESQL logicsheet. ESQL allows limiting the number of rows
> returned from a database using <esql:max-rows> and skips
> some rows using the <esql:skip-rows> tag.
> I have implemented something similar for the SQLTransformer. The
> patch is very simple and I think doesn't break any of the current
> funcionality.

The major feature of esql in this particular case is that it already
limits the result set on the *database*! Your patch only skips the
generation of SAX events. As a first steps this is nice but it is
probably a magnitute slower.

To share this feature with esql the SQLTransformer should better use
the esql helper classes.

There was a discussion to merge the codebase of esql and the
SQLTransformer into a new new sql logicsheet and a corresponding
sql transformer (see [1]). Same syntax, same feature set. Or at least
as close as possible.

That way we wouldn't have to maintain two tools for basically the
same thing.


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