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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Continous Integration
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2003 22:33:29 GMT

Being an adopter of XP, and especially the "Continous Integration" concept, I 
have a bit of problems of a continous upgrade process in Cocoon.

The root of the problem, I think, is there is no differentiation between 
"product" and "project", it is all tangled up in one large bundle, and the 
build process will happily overwrite my carefully constructed top-level 

I would like to have a scenario, where it would be possible to compile many 
Cocoon versions, side-by-side, and that I have projects side-by-side 
elsewhere. Deletion of Cocoon version should be possible without second 
thoughts of what may die with it.

For instance;


I can "repoint" Tomcat to use any of the "product directories" and I should be 
able to "repoint" the "project directory" accordingly, preferably not inside 
the Cocoon "product directory".

The "project directory" should also allow a "./lib/" directory for my own 
code, and get loaded without any special configuration.

The "product" should contain one or more "project templates", minimalistically 
a sitemap.xmap file, but more elaborate templates could be more complete. 
Templates for "Virtual Hosts" or other special cases could be made.

The single issue is "How does Cocoon find the master sitemap??"
I don't have an answer to that. Environment variable? Java property? Tomcat 
parameter? I honestly don't know what would work best, only that it should be 
reasonably easy to access it, and probably not inside the "product 

Anyone has comments?

Niclas Hedhman

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