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From Tony Collen <>
Subject [Rant] Flow + JXTemplate (Was: Re: [FYI] Stefano's Linotype)
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2003 17:17:43 GMT
Alright, now that I'm fresh from a night of sleep, and I'm not all dizzy
and tired, I'll take another poke at this:

I'm starting to dig into actually using the Flow, and I'm having a hard
time understanding using the JXTemplate(Generator).

Rather, I'm having a hard time understanding why we need a templating
language inside our nice XSLT templating system.

>From a user's perspective, I already invested a lot of time learning XSLT
(and I do not even claim to be extremely comfortable with that, too!), so
why should I take the time to learn another templating language?  Argh!!
This was supposed to be easy, but now it feels like it's getting horribly
complex again.

It's nice the Generator is fast [1], but it still feels like it's doing
the work of a Generator and a Transformer, which pokes me in a weird way
for some reason.

Maybe I'm stupid, and just not seeing the advantages.

Last night, when I dove into all of the Flow stuff, I got to the point
to where I had to reference "bizData" in my view pages.  I was following
the patterns in Stefano's Linotype code, using <map:generate
type="jxpath"/>.  My problem then came around to where I couldn't even get
the Continuation ID, due to the difference between Stefano's code and the
JXTemplate(Generator) in CVS.

So I go looking for docs, and all I find is the Javadocs for JXTemplate,
but the Javadocs weren't built for the things in Scratchpad! Argh!

I digress.  It's been a long week and finals are about to hit.  I guess
I'm just frustrated at not having working samples and not getting the docs
for the JXTemplate(Generator).  Which reminds me.  I think the JXTemplate
generator in scratchpad should be named JXTemplateGenerator for
consistency's sake.

So here's my plea, can someone who's "in-the-know" about JXTemplate whip
up a nice sample that uses the tags (choose, import, etc) in a meaningful
and useful way for the annoying n00bs (me)?  Or perhaps another sample in
the Flow directory that correctly uses the new Generator?  .. I'll promise
to chill out, and get over the bump in complexity and having to learn
Yet Another Templating Language... hopefully sooner rather than later   :)




Tony Collen
ICQ: 12410567
Cocoon: Internet Glue (A Cocoon Weblog)

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