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From Jeremias Maerki <>
Subject Cocoon FOP Block and Gump
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 08:54:53 GMT
Hello Cocooners

Sam has agreed that we add a new Gump module for the maintenance branch
of FOP where our current releases come from. The FOP block currently
fails because it depends on the trunk code which represents our redesign
effort. For the moment Cocoon should depend on the new
"xml-fop-maintenance" Gump project descriptor I've just committed while
we're looking for a way to sort of API problems between Cocoon and the
two FOP development tracks.

Would one of you please make the necessary changes in your Gump file? I
think the new project element should look like this:

<project name="cocoon-block-fop">

    <ant target="gump-block">
      <property name="block-name" value="fop"/>
      <property name="version" value="@@DATE@@"/>

    <depend project="cocoon" inherit="all"/>
    <depend project="xml-fop-maintenance"/>

    <work nested="tools/anttasks"/>
    <home nested="build/cocoon-@@DATE@@"/>

    <jar name="blocks/fop-block.jar"/>

    <nag from="Gump" to=","/>

I changed the "depend" and "nag" elements.

I hope this will improve the current situation. I'm subscribed to
cocoon-dev now and will monitor things happening around cocoon-block-fop.

Jeremias Maerki
FOP committer

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