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From "Konstantin Piroumian" <>
Subject Re: Declarative XMLForm
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2003 06:11:24 GMT

I've been proposing this same idea a long time ago, before XMLForm was
started and flow was implemented. And I even had a similar implementation of
the WizardAction, but I never had time to finish it and make really useful.

After long discussion on Flow/XMLForms the common opinion was that Flow is
much better for controlling the application's state than an action/set of
actions (don't remember details, but you'll find those discussions in
archive if you search by 'XForms', 'Flow', etc.).

As compared to XMLForm's action, your version seems to me much more flexible
and it'd be fine if you could tidy it up and post as a patch to Bugzilla.

Just one comment: if you have a lot of places where you should use your
action then you'll have a very overloaded sitemap, which is not good and not
very maintainable. I'd suggest that the configuration of views/transitions
were external, so you could do something like this in the pipeline:

<map:act name="wizard" src="/wizards/register.xml"/>


From: "DURDINA Michal" <>

> Hello,
> I just finished first iteration of developing the new action
> XMLFormController. It implements another solution to XMLForm and it is
> intended to be alternative to AbstractXMLFormAction.
> XMLFormController is similar to AbstractXMLFormAction but it does not
> require to code the flow between pages in perform() method.


> Tell me please your opinion on such a functionality of this controller, I
> have many other ideas and going to implement them. We will build the web
> layer for our new project on this approach so it is sure that I will spend
> much more time on it. I would like to share it in the cocoon comunity so
> tell me if you are interested and what suggestions you have.
> Regards,
> Michal
> PS: Attached source containes 'untidy' version of XMLFormController :)
> -- MisoD --
> Michal Durdina -
> ASSET Soft a.s.,
> Kosicka 56, Bratislava, 821 08
> Slovakia, Europe

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