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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [PMC] PMC Chair Nominations
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 04:04:31 GMT
Matthew Langham wrote:
> Ok, I'll bite :-). Just what is the actual value of a PMC Chair? I guess I
> must have missed this the first time round - what does the Chair actually do
> and why is it currently mixed concerns? I would like to understand the role,
> responsibilities and possible conflicts of a PMC Chair before going any
> further with this. And I can't find any quick pointers on this also - but I
> may just have missed them.
> I think this topic is relevant both from a voting decision as also from a
> possible nominee one.
> And if I happen to be the only one who doesn't understand what role the
> Chair has - then I apologize for the bandwidth.

The email that Stefano sent, to invite all current committers to
form the PMC, had a description of the chair role.
 Fwd: Participation in the Cocoon PMC
7) what is the role of the PMC chair?

mostly the role of a secretary, not one of a dictator, even if 
benevolent. the PMC will be like a round table where everybody
counts as one. the chair is required by the bylaws and will be
in charge of communication with the board to avoid the board
having to deal with tons of people they might not even know.
It's mostly an organization detail but should *not* impact how
the PMC is run.

8) what if shit happens?

the PMC will try to resolve it as good and as fast as it can.
If not possible, the PMC will ask the board for advice.
But in general, the PMC should try to be as self-sufficient
as possible.

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