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From Rick Wayne <>
Subject Aftermath: Cocoon class at Software Development conference
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 19:46:53 GMT
Just thought y'all (as in both developers and users, hence the
cross-posting) might like to hear: Last week, I taught a 90-minute
session on Cocoon at the Software Development West conference in Santa

It was pretty well received, according to the eval forms I peeked at.
But it was at the very end of the conference, tucked away in the
farthest corner. So, what the heck, we touched the lives of eight more
people. :-)

Seven, actually -- one wrote that now he knows Cocoon isn't what he
needs, thanks for the info!

When it comes time to teach it again, I'll send around a request for
real-world experiences: what is your organization using Cocoon for, and
what alternatives did you explore and discard? (I'll also agitate for a
less stealthy venue!)

In fact, if any of you would like to bombard me with replies now, I'll
start collecting and editing the list. You may take it as read that I'll
parse the "live sites/powered by" list as well. Feel free to send email
directly to me, I see no need to further clutter the lists with this
traffic. (I reiterate that I'll collate and post an edited list of

Thanks for all your help, and thanks for such a great product!

the Tao which can be debugged is not the true Tao.

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