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From "ivelin" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Towards a new/another Forms Framework
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 03:32:43 GMT


It is funny enough that it's April 1, but your email reminds me about the
one Torsten sent out about a year ago, not on April 1 ;)

> It should be possible to create a form just by describing its structure
> in an XML file (lets call this a "form description"). I don't like the
> fact that for XMLForm/Struts the user needs to write a bean just to hold
> the form data. Apparently the struts people are realizing this and have
> introduced something like 'DynaFormBeans' for this purpose. XMLForm
> allows to use any DOM document as data-structure, but a DOM document can
> only hold strings, and not dates or numbers.

Since XMLForm uses JXPath, it also supports DynaBeans

If I am not completely mistaken, most of your email describes in detail
features of an XForms inplementation: cross field dependencies, event
handling, generating instances from XSD. I think that Chiba is probably
(again) your best bet in this regard.
It has a tool which generates XForms documents and instances from XML
The team is also working on a graphical web tool to visually create wizards
and other form pages.

The discussion should be probably directed toward whether Cocoon needs to go
with an all XForms server side solution or stick to a simpler but proven
one. Maybe both in different branches.


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