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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject [RT] Link Rewriting
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 14:16:34 GMT
Hi All

Welcome to my first RT!

Sorry to start on a negative note, but IMHO, the current scheme for 
LinkRewriting just does not make sense for dynamic sites.

What the current scheme allows is for authors to use a simple set of 
declarators for defining links, which are then translated into actual 
URLs, (and in the samples) mapped directly to filespace (etc.).

What I believe a LinkRewriting infrastructure should offer is rather 


Cocoon's sitemap is excellent at disconnecting any direct relationship 
between URL and resource ID/Path (SystemID). Allowing the 
re-implementation of storage schema independently of URL contract.

What I feel makes more sense is this:

	URL == permanent contract == authoring link != SystemID

What this means is, authors should write links using a static absolute 
URL, the same one as the public contract for that particular piece of 

When that URL is accessed, it should be mapped to a SystemID, allowing 
independent re-implementation of the storage layer.

If this is to be handled by an input module accessing a linkmap (before 
Generation, rather than during Transformation), but requires that 
dynamic sitemap URL fragments can be passed to input modules (as they 
cannot currently).

  see: <>

The transformation stage is then merely one of relativising author's 

Most of what I have described here, is how most people use Cocoon.
What is new here is the use of a LinkMap at the Generation stage to 
de-couple URL from SystemID in a totally arbitrary way. A version of 
the LinkMap idea that makes sense for Dynamic sites. This is what 
requires changes to the way we are able to use input modules, as input 
modules would provide a much cleaner path to handle this rather than 
Transforming a generated LinkMap into CInclude tags to get the content.

Does this make any sense to anybody?

Thanks for reading this far.

regards Jeremy

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