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From "Argyn" <>
Subject benchmarking Cocoon?
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2003 07:48:02 GMT

Do you think there's a need for benchmarking Cocoon?

It's quite often when people are introduced to Cocoon, that they ask "isn't
this supposed to be slow?" Those who work with Cocoon, probably, think that
its overhead is relatively small, that the real problems are in good
stylesheets, transformers etc., i.e. those things which have nothing to do
with Cocoon itself. However, people consider Cocoon as a package. This whole
thing which does the job. So, the performance concern is valid.

I've been thinking about meaningfull becnhmark for Cocoon, a la TPC. So, I
can run it, and get the number(s), and say "yeah, this is not bad on
WebLogic..." e.g.

If anyone was thinking about it, why not discuss it. If not, then I'll
forget it for a while.


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