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From "Argyn" <>
Subject RE: benchmarking Cocoon?
Date Sun, 20 Apr 2003 15:35:02 GMT

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> From: Andrew C. Oliver []
> Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2003 9:30 AM
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> Subject: Re: benchmarking Cocoon?
> A recent professional benchmark done against .NET versus a
> similar Java
> application proved that .NET is actually faster than Java.

I've my own benchmark. It says that C#/.NET is not faster than Java/JVM.
Results are so close, that I was greatly surprised.

> Following this a noted Java/AOP expert replied showing flaws in the
> benchmark and said "No it isn't"
> It turned out that the benchmark was funded (BTW) by
> Microsoft, not that it
> Influenced the result of course.  :-)

Actually, there was some truth in the results. After this "benchmark", Sun
has updated its "blueprints" document. I think that the old version of
blueprints as well as so called "J2EE design patterns" made people to the
design, which failed miserably in comparison to .NET.

> In the end you're still benchmarking the people more than the
> technology,
> but that¹s probably just as important if its all OpenSource.

I didn't mean comparison benchmarks, btw. I also didn't mean profiling,
where you identify bottlenecks and fix them.

I thought there could be Cocoon's benchmark, which produces some meaningful
numbers. It doesn't have to be a comparison benchmark.

So, people looking at this numbers can judge for themselves if it's fast
enough. I think that numbers must be for many concurrent users like
50-100-1000. There's no need to say that Cocoon is faster than XXX. All the
user should know is if it's fast enough.


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