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From Andrew Savory <>
Subject Re: [rant] Re: [vote] micro-decision for docs: creation of cocoon-docs CVS module
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 19:14:56 GMT


Just to add my thoughts to this. Regarding transition to 2.1 making 2.0
docs obsolete - this is a fair comment, but what do we do when we start
working on 2.2?

I do appreciate Stefano's comments about blocks though, and how code and
documentation in that instance belong together, and to be honest, this
wasn't something I'd thought about. I don't see any easy answer to that
other than that the documentation that goes with the blocks should be
javadoc-style only, and reference/howto material belongs in the main docs
tree. It would be annoying to have to grab block X just to get the
documentation for it, when following links in the documentation you do

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> I want a serious CMS, damn it! with a dead-simple (not xopus!) inline
> editor on top! and using CVS as a repository! and transforming
> structured text in xdocs with perfect roundtripping!

+1 from me! I do think having a cocoon-docs CVS would help rather than
hinder this though, as we could easily allow updating of the documentation
with no danger that any of the code might be attacked by an errant CMS.


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