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From Don Brown <>
Subject Struts and Cocoon Integration
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 20:58:06 GMT
I've put together some code that integrates Struts 1.1 and Cocoon 2.1-dev.
It basically allows you to use Cocoon as the presentation layer of Struts.
For more information and a demo, visit

I mention this here, instead of cocoon-user, as it depends on a patch I
submitted, 17612.  I know you are all busy working on 2.1, but would it be
too much to ask when/if I could get an estimatation of when/if it would be
accepted/rejected?  Thanks.

Also, in order to co-exist with Struts better, I take advantage of the
boolean Cocoon returns indicating whether a pipeline was found or not.  If
not, I simply forward the request to Struts usual handler.  My concern is
Cocoon's logging throws an ERROR, when in my case, that's the desired
behavior.  Is there a better way I could handle this?  I'd hate for a
production app to have its log files filled with irrelevant ERROR

Thanks in advance for any help, and a big thanks for all the hard work put
into Cocoon.  I'm especially appreciative of the new blocks as it makes
Cocoon more flexible for situations like mine.  Hope to see you guys at


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