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Subject Re: Flow views, scratchpad taglib, and writing transformers
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 08:41:05 GMT

Hi Chris,

<snip />

> Then I came across Volker Schmitt's taglib in the scratchpad which looks
> like exactly what I wanted:


> In my opinion, given the Cocoon flow layer and Cocoon's support for XSL,
> we don't don't need extensive tag libraries, but instead just the
> equivalent of a subset of JSTL core flow tags, and its expression

> <if/>
> <forEach/>
> <choose/>
> <out/>

> In other words, just enough to navigate through the contents of the
> "bean" object passed from the flow layer, in order to render output.

> This is equivalent to the functionality Ovidiu included in the jpath Xsp
> logic sheet.

> And this is the functionality that JexlTransformer and JXPathTransformer
> provide, with Jexl and JXPath as the expression languages, respectively.

> I would like to reimplement JexlTransformer and JXPathTransformer using
>   taglib (if anyone want's to help, let me know).

If you need help, I can try.
I think in the current taglib implementation the variable handling needs
some rework. I thought about using Input/Output-Modules for this. This mean
writing something like a JXPath/Jexl/Velocity InputModule. The benefit is,
that this can also be used inside the Sitemap (if it make sense). I think
variable handling inside/outside a Sitemap should be a core component of
cocoon. This is only RT, I have no real use case for this in the moment.



> Assuming this works, I'd also like to reimplement XMLFormTransformer
> using taglib and move taglib to the core as a proper API for writing
> transformers in the future.

> Thoughts?

> Regards,

> Chris

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