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From "Matthew Langham" <>
Subject Ripping the heart out
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2003 14:12:00 GMT
A drastic title for someting I think we need to look at ASAP. First of all I
am sure that the new build system is a step forward for the developers if
things get quicker and easier.

However: The fact that there are no longer any functioning samples is a kick
in the stomach for Cocoon users or evangelists (of which I consider myself
to be one).

This is a big step backwards - and I am sure there are a few companies out
there now reconsidering their use of Cocoon. In fact I know there are. This
week we needed to quickly showcase Cocoon 2.1-dev for an extremely large
company interested in using Cocoon as a central part of their
infrastructure. We couldn't.

And yes - of course we keep saying that Cocoon 2.1 is alpha and that
anything can happen - but that is just being too naiive. How long has it
been publicly available? How many installations are using 2.1-dev already?
How many users are waiting for a beta so they can publicly state that they
are using Cocoon?

So please, stop admiring yourselves in the mirror and bring back the



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