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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Encoding problems
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 12:21:53 GMT

Santiago Gala wrote:
> Last-Modified: could be filled with this (the aggregated semantics for
> it is clear, I think: the highest modification date in the compound
> validity object). For objects implementing "dynamic" retrieval, like xsp
> sheets, they should set "now" and a close to zero expiration date
> This would allow for requests with If-Modified-Since: set to return a
> small body (304), saving a lot for quasi-static GETable resources.
> quoting from 2fc2616 (Last-Modified):
> >  The exact meaning of this header field depends on the
> implementation of the origin
>  >  server and the nature of the original resource. For files, it may be
> just the file
> >  System last-modified time. For entities with dynamically
> included parts, it may be the
> >  most recent of the set of last-modify times for its component
> parts. For database gateways,
> >  it may be the last-update time stamp of the record. For
> virtual objects, it may be the last
> >  time the internal state changed.
> Specific Cache validities could allow for extended semantics, like
> expiration dates, proxy directives to avoid caching out of the container
> (thus revalidating requests every time "must-revalidate") or dictating a
> "max-age", etc.
Yes, ok - should be possible.

> Note: I have not seen the cache code in at least a year, I'm referring
> to Ricardo's design ideas and availability just before cocoon-2.0
Yes, I know them :) because I used them as a starting point for implementing
the cache.

> Also note that I always suggest this in the worst possible moment (at
> beta stabilization time :-(
Oh don't worry about that, we can handle this :)


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