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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Flow as a block
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:01:58 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> >I'm thinking since last year about making the sitemap syntax pluggable,
> >so the basic idea is to install an own block that adds more syntax and
> >features to the sitemap. With that implemented, it would be easy
> >to make flow an own block.
> >
> I remember a discussion about this. What you would like is to have the 
> treeprocessor configuration be defined in cocoon.xconf. I don't like it 
> since I find cocoon.xconf to be way too complicated, too large and 
> contain a lot of configuration that are "core" and never modified by the 
> user (XSP logicsheets also fall into this category).

Ah, yes, one of my favorite discussions last year :) I guess, you know
my opinion about this, so...
(Note: the above is not ment seriously and Sylvain knows that)

> So what about some intermediate solution : the treeprocessor 
> configuration would be based on a system-defined "base configuration" 
> which can be augmented in cocoon.xconf. This would avoid having all of 
> the core sitemap language in cocoon.xconf while offering the ability to 
> extend it for specific blocks like the flow engine.
Sounds good to me!

> >I know that making the sitemap pluggable has some dangers, so 
> this is only a thought.
> >
> One of the initial goals of the treeprocessor was to have a sitemap 
> engine with an extensible and pluggable syntax. This was at a time where 
> the flowscript did not existed and we were thinking of extending the 
> sitemap language or inventing a new XML-based language for handling the 
> flow. So all the infrastructure exists, we just have to polish the way 
> the treeprocessor gets its configuration.
Ah, tricky! So, if we two have the same idea, it can't be wrong!
Great, I really like the tree processor more and more. It's not only
fast but extensible as well. Awesome.

So here is a big +10 for this.


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