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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: DeliTransformer and DeliComponent
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 14:40:25 GMT

Butler, Mark wrote:
> Simplifying sounds a good idea.
> However I have a question - apologies in advance about my ignorance of the
> avalon lifecycle - if the deli component fails sometime during the
> contextualize / compose / parameterize / initalize phase, does
> this mean the
> check
>  if (this.manager.hasComponent(Deli.ROLE))
> will be false i.e. the DELI component only become available after
> initialize? If so perhaps there is an argument for keeping the check in

Yes, if any error occurs during the "init" of Deli, the component is not
available, so hasComponent() returns false.
But as we now have two transformers, the deli and the trax transformer, does
it really make sense to use the deli transformer when deli is not available?
I would think, that if I want to use Deli and Deli fails in setting up
I have an error and therefore should get an error message.
What do you think?

> I have a question BTW - in sitemap, how do I call the
> DeliTransformer rather
> than the TraxTransformer?
I'm not sure, if the deli transformer is automatically included in the
but apart from that you simply have to replace <transformer src="dfg"/> by
<transformer src="dfg"  type="deli"/>, assuming that the transformer is
as "deli".
The DeliTransformer inherits from the TraxTransformer, so everything is
(I guess, that this was at least the idea when someone made the split).


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