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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Ripping the heart out
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 07:42:11 GMT
Coming back after a weekend lying ill in bed, this is
an interesting start for the week! (And again, I have to
type more than I want to...sigh)

I'm not surprised that this is happening, but I'm still
surprised by the ignorance and the "I don't care" mentalitiy.

As a vital project we need two things: a) working samples and
b) nightly builds - and both are not working right now; and 
they are not working since some weeks now!

The new build system is fast (and much more cleaner), but it's
not working; so, let's be honest, what does it help if it's
fast but not working? Would you drive a fast car that is not
able drive backwards?

Before the new build system was checked in, Stefano said, that 
he wanted to add a new build system besides the existing one 
and *when* the new one is working to switch. But unfortunately, 
the old one was immediately replaced with the new one. And that 
was really a bad idea.

The next problem is that it seems that noone is able to help
to get the samples working again. I asked last week, what
I can to do help - but apart from "I'm stuck" there was
no helpful answer. 

And please: don't always say: "It's alpha". It's true, that
we are officially in an alpha state and it's ok that new
things are not working when they are checked in. Everyone
makes mistakes of course, this includes myself, this includes
Stefano and this includes every single committer. There is
absolutely no exception to this rule!
But, if something is not working, at least the committer
checking in this part, should try to fix this problem as
soon as possible. And if this is not possible, he should
try to get help in order to fix the problem as soon
as possible. But what you really never should do is,
going down to your cave, saying "hey, it's alpha, so
what do you expect?" and wait and wait and wait.

Now, the last thing I want to say is: if YOU as a committer
are not happy with something someone else did, please stand
up and make your voice be heard! There are no "gods" that
will kill you if you are against their opinion. 

We can only survive as a community if we act like one.

So, conclusion:
a) Let's get the samples working asap
b) Let's get the nightly build working asap
c) If there are problems, let others know so that they can help
d) Let's collect the missing parts for a 2.1 beta

PS: It is easy to fix the samples by using the samples build
from the old build system, but that's not the wanted solution.
I will reinstall the old build system during the week if noone
comes up with a better solution.


Carsten Ziegeler 
Open Source Group, S&N AG

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