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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Wiki grammar selft-test created
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 10:36:32 GMT
Le Jeudi, 27 mars 2003, à 11:20 Europe/Zurich, Stephan Michels a écrit :

> ...Test 1.2:
> The current concept was to separate the sections by the titles. ! = 
> root
> level section, !! = subsection, !!! subsubsection etc. The grammar is
> designed to expect text after a title, which fill the section. So
> this test must fail. I can rewrite the grammar to allow empty sections.

Ok, I understand.
I think empty sections are useful when doing stuff like

1. main title
1.1 first section
text here
1.2 second section
text here

In which case there's no text after 1. main title. But we could live 
without it as well IMHO.

> Test 4.2:
> I don't see a difference :-/

4.2 is just there to show the problem in 4.1 where spaces are missing 
after "italic" and "monospaced".
4.2 doesn't do any new test.

> Test 6.1:
> Exists a equivalent to a horizontal ruler in xdoc?

Probably not...
Maybe it would be useful to recognize this at the wiki grammar level 
and filter it out in the wiki-to-xdocs conversion?
no big deal. We can also change the test page to show features that are 
not supported.

> Test 6.2:
> Should be '//' a soft break?

In the JSPWiki syntax, double-backslash is a forced line break, 
double-slash is not interpreted AFAIK.

>> Also, the relative link in test 5.1 points to the Cocoon wiki....
> Yes, it is part of the wiki2xdoc stylesheets. At the moment, I think
> pointing the relative links to Cocoon Wiki was the best solution.



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