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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [proposal] a new kind of 'dist'
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 11:08:16 GMT
Le Lundi, 24 mars 2003, à 11:43 Europe/Zurich, Stefano Mazzocchi a 
écrit :

> ...Oh, sure, but I was thinking of calling the distribution
> (or something like that)
> so it won't have "source" written anywhere.

ok - if the distribution is "psychologically correct" then I'm fine.
We'll have to be careful about the marketing part though.

> ....
> So don't tell them they have to. In short, they have to 'configure' 
> and 'build' their webapps. If, during the process, some program does 
> something else on some data, hey, their installer does it anyway :)

ok, I see your point and agree.

>> I think Nicola is right about the need to distribute a full-blown 
>> .war file (for life-without-a-compiler users) and a .jar (for other 
>> projects that use Cocoon).
> I'm -0.9 on a war and +1 on the jars (those would be cocoon.jar and 
> cocoon-deprecated.jar, cocoon-scratchpad.jar)
> The reason is that a WAR is too monolithic and our samples are not 
> *meant* to be a black box that people uses.

ok, keep the jars, scrap the war...

> ...BTW, all the unix gurus I know don't have a beard, sign of the 
> generation changes?)

whaddya mean generation changes? all people that I know who know unix 
have beards :))

> ...but for sure all of them want to use Cocoon to build stuff and I 
> think (but maybe I'm wrong) they'd rather start small and grow than 
> start huge and dismantle.

makes sense!


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