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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Polishing the flow contracts
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 09:34:55 GMT
"Stefano Mazzocchi" <> wrote:

<skip reason="mutual agreement"/>

>> "Flow" in my mind is the whole kit and caboodles: it's the "Cocoon Flow", a
>> set of API to do something.
>> The "Flow" in my mind is made up by:
>> - "Cocoon", an interface to talk to the cocoon internals
>> - "Log" the logging facility
>> - "Interpreter" whatever executes our script
>> - Other objects (such as "Continuation") which instances we can get from the
>>   three above mentioned instances...
>> "Flow" is tha package (IDL module), "Interpreter" is the connection to the
>> scripting engine...
> Yes, I see your point, but 'flow' in my mind is the instance of the
> entire concept that handles my flow. So
> flow.import()
> means that I'm adding another information to my flow. The fact that this
> flow is implemented with a javascript interpreter is, in fact, unimportant.
> Suppose future allows us to write the flow directly in java and that a
> future JSR adds continuations as native objects in java: would it be
> sane to call
> interpreter.import()
> at that point?
> Flow is totally abstracted already, as a concept, from the underlying
> implementation and the semantics of our FOM should keep suggesting that.

If I agree that the concept of "import" means "something that is being added
to my flow" wouldn't it make more sense to have "this.import()" ???

I import another source file into THIS object (my script).

(Just thinking out loud randomly as I really have a bad taste when saying


>> Use Entourage or Apple Mail on your OS/X box! :-) :-) :-)
> I'm sooooo used to mozmail shortcuts... and spam filtering works so well
> and you don't allow me to install spambayes on pulse! :(

Entourage does it as well...

> but there is hope: they are workign on a stripped-down version of
> mozmail to go along with phoenix/camino... hopefully with native widgets
> instead of that super-heavy XUL stuff.

That would be kute! :-)

> besides, I think it's not a problem with mozmail but my stupid router
> that cuts my connections... but hopefully I'm going to be out of here soon.

Don't tell me... Every time I look at netstat I see all your connections in
CLOSE_WAIT forever! :-)



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