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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Setting up a PMC mailinglist
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 13:04:55 GMT
"Torsten Curdt" <> wrote:

>>> is it possible to setup a PMC mailing list, like other projects already did.
>>> So we could - if the need arises - discuss PMC topics in privat?
>>> (Don't get worried, I currently do have no need for it)
>> I believe that our best bet is to do it when we also move the mailing lists
>> from "" to ""....
>> Do we want to plan this?
> What has to be planed/done to make this happen?

First of all decide the mailing list names. I propose the following: -> -> -> ->

There are few initial stages:

1) (pier) move mailing lists to new hostname:
   - this will involve moving the actual directories on the server, the
     mailing list downtime will be of approximately 15 to 30 minutes
2) (pier) create aliases for old mailing list "post" address:
   - make sure that messages to (for example) ""
     are transparently forwarded to ""
   - but at the same time an informative message saying "the mailing list
     has moved, your message has been delievered but remember to use the new
     address in the future" is delievered to the sender

3) (volunteers???) update the documentation and the live site to reflect
   changes in the new subscription/unsubscription addresses.

Then as soon as this is completed:

4) (pier/dlr) make sure that the archives on eyebrowse reflect this change.

After (I'd say) 15 days, then

5) (pier) not allow transparent forwarding of emails from the old "post"
   address to the "new" post address, but simply bounce them mentioning the
   new address.

After (I'd say) another 30 days

6) (pier) remove the old email aliases all together.

So, if we have a volunteer to update the site, and we all agree, we can
start straight away.


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