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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Discussion of Flow Issues
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 00:55:01 GMT
On 17/3/03 20:02, "Stefano Mazzocchi" <> wrote:

> So, I would go for
> global -> contains global log methods, no properties

"global" doesn't have a meaning in IDL, therefore I created the "Script"
object, which will contain also the reference to the function called from
the sitemap...

In my mind nothing is "global"... And it's strengthened by the fact that in
JavaScript all the so called "globals" can be also referenced by preceding
them with "this"...

> cocoon -> cocoon methods + component management methods

This is an attribute of "Script", so that it can be referenced (in
JavaScript) from your function using "cocoon.xxxx" or "this.cocoon.xxxx".

> cocoon.request -> access to the request


> cocoon.response -> access to the response

Removed as per agreement with Sylvain and your doubts raised further along
in your email...

> cocoon.context -> access to the context

Yes... (I actually had to mangle the name to contxt as "context" seems to be
an IDL keyword).

> What do you think?

Awesome... Now we have to decide what to expose in context and request... I
believe (or just inherit all?)...

Now, your personal IDL stenographer at work reflected the changes in the
sources... Can you guys please check the IDLDoc output to tell me where I
foobared up?



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