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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [RF] Entropy Killed the Cat
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2003 22:43:08 GMT
On 10/3/03 20:14, "Steven Noels" <> wrote:

> If Pier has something to say, let him say so. Please don't speak up for each
> other since that carries the connotation of off-list design and planning with
> it. Pier is smart enough to talk for himself IMHO.

Pier is smart enough to shut up and get down to business...

I have zero problems with anyone... When in that private thread Chris
replied that he agreed that the discussion (the technical one, not the ranty
personal bits) should have continued on this list, that's where we moved,
and here is where we kept on hacking around the IDL sources.

And Stefano's not "defending" me... I believe he's just very upset that the
off-list thread about personal feelings has been forwarded without
permission to the list (in my little black book of Apache that's a big

Anyhow, ENOUGH has been said... Sitting around on our asses and blaming each
other for what we said in private/public won't make the CVS tree any more
stable/complete/clean/whatever. We've got some software to write, right?


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