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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Jetty performance....
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 17:21:47 GMT
"Antonio Gallardo" <> wrote:

> Hi Luca!
> I seems like nobody is interested in this topic. I cannot believe it! :-(

Well, it's not really related to Cocoon... Cocoon ships with Jetty for its
"build run" environment, nothing that I would run on a production (or even
development server).

> The question is:
> What we gain if the applications run slow under Jetty?.

That's your measurement... I've noticed a quite substantial performance

> The only positive answer is that we "save" some cents in storage on the
> hard disk, but since it is too cheap.... I think our saving are less than
> 1 cents or low. :-D

You're more than welcome to go and download Tomcat, and install the cocoon
web-application onto it. I believe, though, it would be a _huge_ mistake if
we thought about adding another 24 megs of code just to ship a servlet
container with the Cocoon distribution...

That's my thought, at least...


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