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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [RANT] The Flow...
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 15:36:43 GMT
On 5/3/03 15:02, "Hunsberger, Peter" <> wrote:

> Pier Fumagalli <> wrote:
> <snip on how Pier arrived at the following:/>
>> What I would love to have, before even touching the flow
>> _implementation_, is a consistent language-unaware definition
>> of the object model that flow scripts will live into, define
>> bindings from this object model to JavaScript, so that we all
>> know what we are _supposed_ to implement, why, where and when.
> Yes please!  But while you are at it, don't you really want to define a
> complete Cocoon object model and not just one for flow (I think that's maybe
> what you're already doing?)?

I don't have 3 months to document that _WHOLE_ thing! :-)

> Part of the issue is, where does work flow,
> and business logic fit into the big picture.  It's pretty clear that there
> are things we don't want in "flow" as such, but we need to know where they
> do fit in the "big picture":  all of Cocoon needs to hit the same object
> model, not just flow...

Well, the flow impacts heavily Cocoon at this point because until now we've
used Java (which is almost self-documenting)... Now we're adding another
language in the core, and, hmm, hacks are harder to spot...


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