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From Suhail M Ahmed <>
Subject Re: Jetty performance....
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2003 09:22:06 GMT

On Saturday, March 8, 2003, at 06:27  PM, Pier Fumagalli wrote:

> On 7/3/03 18:14, "Antonio Gallardo" <>
> wrote:
>>> "Antonio Gallardo" <> wrote:
>>>> Hi Luca!
>>>> I seems like nobody is interested in this topic. I cannot believe 
>>>> it!
>>>> :-(
>>> Well, it's not really related to Cocoon... Cocoon ships with Jetty 
>>> for
>>> its "build run" environment, nothing that I would run on a production
>>> (or even development server).
>> The point here is how we can get most from Jetty. I know that Cocoon 
>> is
>> not Jetty, but including Jetty into Cocoon is promoting the use of 
>> Jetty.
> Antonio, no, you got it all around! :-) :-) Including Jetty in Cocoon 
> is
> promoting the use of Cocoon! I explain, you donwload Cocoon, and now 
> it's
> quite a big fella, the CVS checkout, tarred and gzipped is something 
> around
> the lines of 28 megabytes.
> If to play around with it, and see that you like it, you have to 
> download
> another package, the servlet container, which is an EXTRA 6.5 
> megabytes of
> tar.gz in case of tomcat, or 5.7 megabytes in case of Jetty (not much
> difference in the "official" distributions, huh?) you'll get _severely_
> upset, also because, considering that once you've downloaded it, you 
> have to
> figure out HOW you're going to make the two work together.

there is an old maxim about how you cannot please everybody. I for one 
am not pleased with Jetty because I now have two containers sitting on 
my machine.  how different is typing .\catalina run from .\cocoon 
servlet? The fact that you have to copy a war file from your build 
directory to the webapp directory? Jetty (or any other bundled web 
container) would make sense for those developers who have no knowledge 
of servlet containers and are interested only in cocoon. Personally I 
just want a war file.

> In the documentation, nowhere, you'll see that Jetty is the 
> "preferred" way
> of running Cocoon.

On a humorous note, I guess that what Microsoft said about IE when they 
bundled that browser ;-)


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