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From Peter Royal <>
Subject Re: big ESQL performance problem - this one's weird
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 12:54:07 GMT
On Wednesday, March 5, 2003, at 06:52  AM, Leszek Gawron wrote:
> On śro, mar 05, 2003 at 12:45:53 +0100, Torsten Curdt wrote:
>> ...then we can just easily add support for pervasive and you should be
>> fine. So we need to create the PervasiveEsqlQuery class and register 
>> it
>> in the EsqlConnection class. Does pervasive support any kind of
>> ResultSet limiting (like LIMIT or TOP)?
> no it does not, it also has problems with retrieving @@identity value 
> - select
> max(id) should be used instead

And be sure to set your transaction isolation level to serialized (the 
only other one pervasive supports is read-committed) otherwise you may 
end up reading the wrong max value if another transaction commits 
between your insert and select max call.

and also contact pervasive to get the fix for incident A30241825. by 
default, when a table is involved in a transaction it is locked and 
parallel threads trying to do a transaction on that table get a 
sqlexception thrown since the table is locked. the above incident has a 
patch that switches that to a blocking behavior.

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