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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Flow Layer Database API
Date Fri, 02 Jan 1970 01:18:13 GMT
On 4/3/03 0:52, "Christopher Oliver" <> wrote:

> You know what? You're right. My description below was wrong. What I
> should have said is that I created a simple _JavaScript_ database API
> that can be used to implement business objects in JavaScript.

Nononono... Now I don't get you anymore...

The example you've given says:

>        var conn = cocoon.getConnection(this.poolId);
>        var result = conn.query("select * from PRODUCT where CATEGORY =

What does _conn_ (JDBC wrapped connection, I believe), has to do with
_cocoon_ (sitemap 'n pipelines)???

This doesn't make sense in my mind...

    Pier (doin' lotsa JavaScript lately)

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