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From "Butler, Mark" <>
Subject RE: DeliTransformer and DeliComponent
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 14:56:02 GMT
Hi Carsten

> I would think, that if I want to use Deli and Deli fails in setting up
> itself,
> I have an error and therefore should get an error message.
> What do you think?

Yes, the error message is important - version 0.6.5 of DELI was bad at
reporting errors if it couldn't find the config file and would just sit
there crippled. The new one, 0.9.1. should spit out a stack trace to the
console if it fails at config. I think this is better?  

> Yes, if any error occurs during the "init" of Deli, the 
> component is not
> available, so hasComponent() returns false.
> But as we now have two transformers, the deli and the trax 
> transformer, does
> it really make sense to use the deli transformer when deli is 
> not available?

No, you're right, it makes no sense. So I guess take it out?

thanks, best regards

Mark H. Butler, PhD
Research Scientist                HP Labs Bristol

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