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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Proposal
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 21:25:30 GMT
At 03:50 PM 3/24/2003, Pier wrote:
>On 24/3/03 8:44 pm, "Geoff Howard" <> wrote:
> > At 03:38 PM 3/24/2003, you wrote:
> >> On 24/3/03 7:42 pm, "Leszek Gawron" <> wrote:
> >>
> >>> I think it would be good to include AJP13 Listener in Jety config file
> >> so one
> >>> could use Apache frontend OOTB
> >>
> >> I am _strongly_ against this: the inclusion of Jetty in the Cocoon
> >> distribution is an "enabler" for technology-showoff (you download cocoon,
> >> and you run it, that's it)...
> >>
> >> The distribution of Jetty we include is a minimal one, a stripped down 
> one,
> >> _precisely_ because of that reason, I'm actually thinking, for that 
> reason,
> >> to strip out most of what we don't use from the jetty.jar we include...
> >>
> >>     Pier
> >
> > And I've thought of suggesting renaming the jetty.jar to jetty-lite.jar or
> > something like it, to make it really clear that it's not considered a
> > deploy-ready version.
>Well, the version we include _is_ the full Jetty JAR, but it currently
>accounts for only 1/3 of the full Jetty distribution (which, for example,
>includes support also for HTTPs, JDK 1.4 NIO, JMX and others).
>If we strip out stuff from it, though, yes, I agree w/ you that it should be
>called something like "jetty-lite-x.y.z.jar"

Ah. I had assumed that 1/3 dist meant 1/3 jar, but I see what you 
mean.  Still, even if the jar doesn't get stripped down, I'd like to see it 
more obvious in INSTALL.txt that this isn't the full jetty and that the 
full jetty, or most any other servlet container can/should be used for 
production.  There have been a surprising number of questions on users 
along the lines of "can I use something other than tomcat?" even though 
it's fairly clear in the docs.  I've been worried that shipping jetty will 
cause the same confusion among busy people forming a quick 
impression.  I'll come up with something specific and submit it - just 
wanted to explain why before hand.

On a side note, I looked at Cocoon a full year (or so) before I started 
using it and just passed it by because I couldn't quickly see if it could 
do what I wanted, and assumed it didn't.  Just trying to learn from that 
now that I'm on the other side of the fence.


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