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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: cocoon-view as possible security problem?
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 18:45:27 GMT
At 08:33 AM 3/21/2003, you wrote:
>Geoff Howard wrote:
>>>>By the way, I think there are bigger security problems in cocoon...
>>Also, is cocoon-reload still enabled by default?  seems a wget in a loop 
>>with ?cocoon-reload=true could put a site in a world of hurt... (by the 
>>way, last time I checked Jetty/Cocoon cvs is barfing on that..)
>With jetty, try http://localhost:8888?cocoon-reload=true - without '/' 
>symbol. Jetty is ... different ... from other engines.
>>I've worked on the multipart file uploads because I felt the original 
>>status posed security/abuse issues.  It's now at a better point but I 
>>think there are still some issues I'm not (at an RF level) convinced are 
>>OK.  IIRC the default is now to allow "in-memory" uploads only which is a 
>>step better.
>Is it? With in-memory upload you can get to OutOfMemory exceptions and 
>potentially corrupt cocoon instance. With file uploads, you can create 
>100Mb file systems which you can fill up but you won't disturb 
>functionality of the server. I don't see how in-memory uploads are more 
>secure; I see them as *less* secure.

Well, in combination with the max-upload-size parameter (or whatever it's 
called) I felt that better.  If I can cause the request to ignore multipart 
files bigger than xMB, that seems to mitigate the risk.  But that's worth 
some discussion.  My worry with autosaving all files is 1) I can purposely 
fill up your hard drive, given time. 2) Could a user more clever than I 
create a POST request that would cause a file to be placed somewhere other 
than the upload dir?

>And, of course, best approach is no uploads at all :)

Well, you were probably half kidding/half serious.  Obviously, if my 
application doesn't use any uploads I should disable them in web.xml.  But 
right now, it's all or nothing: I either allow all users to upload _on any 
page_ (if they create a form that posts to any url in cocoon's space), or I 
totally disallow uploads.  I've been thinking through enabling configs for 
resource-based, or even authentication-based restrictions for 
uploads.  What would others think?


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