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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: esql samples
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 15:36:50 GMT
At 08:46 AM 3/12/2003, Torsten wrote:
>>That's why I wouldn't give up too easily on making the db setup work
>>from a normal sql script. Currently we have the .sql out there, but
>>I'm not sure it's up to date (though it looks like it), and if it's
>>not used, it's certainly in danger of getting out of date at some
>But the .script file *is* actually a simple .sql script.

Yes, but as I remember it, wouldn't be appropriate to use as the
source in other DB's, but...

>>Now that the samples are at least working again, how about considering
>>some options for actually creating the samples "schema" from the .sql?
>But we could split the cocoondb.script file into
>cocoondb.setup + cocoondb.sql --ant--> cocoondb.script

that might be all we need.

>So the schema is pretty much the cocoondb.sql file that could also be 
>copied into the samples. Or do you mean a real "schema"?

Sorry, sloppy use of terms.  I actually meant "table definitions and sample 
data" for the examples.

> > Users could provide the db
>>connection name, which would let them use hsql by default, or any other 
>>db they've already set up.
>Sorry, I cannot find a good reason on reading the samples entries from an 
>already setup db ;) Why would you want to do this?

Not sure we're understanding each other.  I was proposing starting the hsql 
engine "blank" (as it was before you fixed it) and providing a means of 
creating the table structure for the samples and populating the samples 
data in it while cocoon runs (and presumably while the user is reading the 
database block samples page, following the "in order to use these samples" 
instructions that would then be necessary).  One idea was to create them 
via pipeline (action, sql transformer, etc. - see Chris' email).  Another 
would be to have a command line script (ant or otherwise).

The only reason approaches like this would have any value would be to 
facilitate using other than hsql db for the samples.  If I already have 
mysql installed, I may
choose to exclude the hsql block.



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