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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon's own publishing system
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2003 19:40:21 GMT

On Tuesday, March 11, 2003, at 10:49  AM, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> 1. Many, many committers weren't updating release and head branches 
>> with their doc updates. It took time to scrutinize differences in the 
>> branches, to make sure all relevant docs were in the release branch, 
>> which is what is used to generate the web site.
> Agreed this is a problem.
> Hopefully, now that we have two clearly separated repositories, people
> will document only in the appropriate one.

I agree 100% with Andrew that two "clearly" separated repositories won't 
really improve on what we had. But it's all we have at the moment.
>> 2. Updating the live site repository is time consuming, at least for 
>> me, on a slow dial-up connection (I live in a rural area of the US 
>> with no broadband option). The api docs directory is the time killer 
>> here. I spent eight hours, one night, simply performing a cvs update 
>> followed by a cvs commit. The most recent update wasn't so bad. The 
>> commit/update took only 2.5 hours.
> Oh, god. I didn't know that. This is a shame. I'm sorry Diana. I know 
> you don't pay dial-up per-minute fees as we normally do here in europe, 
> but still.

No, I don't pay per-minute fees. And what I describe was a worst-case 
scenario. Some days are slower than others. It blows my mind, observing 
the speed difference, when I perform a cvs update on the 

> we must make a better system.

>> 3. I was really excited about Forrest transition, thinking the 
>> automation would save me all of the above time which I could devote to 
>> docs content. Unfortunately:
>> - only a few committers participated in the trial run, so it seemed to 
>> me, interest/support is not that great.
> I would like to know the issues that are still left on the table to
> solve and work on them. Forrest is clearly the way to go and the site
> transition give us the opportunity to think about it.

You can read the joint proposal at:

You can check out my How-To (not sure how it works with latest Forrest 

<snip />

> Please do, those will help, but for now, let's clear the whiteboard and
> start outlining the best publishing system.

<snip why="agree with outline" />

> NOTE: from an operativity point of view, Pier has enough karma to setup 
> everything we need on moof or nagoya, as well as providing accounts for 
> those who want to help running the staging server (I would suspect Jeff 
> and Steven to be interested in helping out, hopefully others as well).

I volunteer.



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