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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Jetty performance....
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2003 23:12:17 GMT
OK, thanks for the answer. That I read between lines is:

1-Jetty is there just to show newcomers the power of cocoon. A simple and
clear "run and try" test.

2-For production, choice the servlet container you want to use. Any
servlet container (Tomcat. Jetty, etc.) is your choice.

I feel now it is clear. ;-).

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

Pier Fumagalli dijo:
> A note here that I want to make sure will remain in the mail archive:
> the version of Jetty shipping with Cocoon is a stripped-down embedded
> version, it is NOT the full distribution. The full distribution includes
> support for stuff like Java 1.4 NIO, which will increase performances
> under that environment, a lot of documentation, configuration snippets
> and examples: Jetty (whole) is not what we ship as an embedded solution
> for running Cocoon straight out of the downloaded archive.

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