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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [ANN] XMLForm as a standalone servlet toolkit
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 10:16:42 GMT
ivelin wrote:

> So, Stefano, since you have your PMC chairman hat on, tell me if we can
> create an incubator project
> I will gladly commit the new code to it.
> If not, what other options do you suggest.

You took part of cocoon and forked it.

You didn't say anything about this, you just acted and announced it.

The ASF license gives you the right to fork a project and since 
"XMLForm" is not covered by the cocoon license, you are fully entitled 
to call it so.

It is enough that you:

  1) place the cocoon license in your distribution
  2) change the package names from org.apache.xmlform to anything that 
doesn't start with org.apache
  3) grant copyright of the code you own full rights to to yourself


  1) stop distributing it and work with us for a solution.

If one of the two is done, I can remove my PMC chair hat and put it back 
in the closet. From a PMC legal oversight standpoint, there is no 
difference between one move or another.

                                - o -

Now, I take my PMC chair hat off. I'm no more an ASF officer. I'm acting 
as simple cocoon committer, like you and many others here.

Instead of you choosing by yourself what is good for that part of the 
Cocoon code, I would like to see a proposal discussed by the community.


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