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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [ANN] XMLForm as a standalone servlet toolkit
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2003 10:09:39 GMT
> Let me explain, maybe the goodwill will prevail.
> Otherwise this will turn into another example of a sad finish of an exciting
> jorney.


I am sure goodwill is a main reason but some question come to my mind

*) why don't you wanna share your thoughts with us and let us
    (or at least some of us) together steer the direction of XMLForms?

*) how do you wanna contribute back? this might become harder as
    we currently might think. the "standalone version" thing really
    points that way.

*) project and communication wise this might give an unwanted
    perspective that XMLForm might not be maintained under the
    cocoon umbrella anymore. not a good marketing...

*) why don't you go the scratchpad way?

> Now, let's do some constructive talking.
> You probably remember the endless threads that were started in the last few
> months regarding the complexity of Cocoon and the fact that it continuously
> misses its release dates.
> I am only refering to them to point out that not everything is perfect
> around here.
> More specificly:
> As it stands XMLForm is way behind the XForms standards.

Is that the main reason for this - you wanna catch up with the XForms


> So, Stefano, since you have your PMC chairman hat on, tell me if we can
> create an incubator project.
> I will gladly commit the new code to it.
> If not, what other options do you suggest.

At least *I* honstely don't see a good reason for XMLForm becoming it's
own Apache project - sorry.

Why not scratchpad?

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