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From Charles Yates <>
Subject Re: xalan vs xsltc
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 18:22:09 GMT
    The way to report a problem is to file a bug report at, however it is likely to be ignored 
without a lot more information than you have provided here.  I noticed 
some aspects of some stylesheets stopped working when I did a similar 
change.  I couldn't characterize what was going on well enough to file a 
bug report and I wasn't sure the problem was not with me.  I managed to 
alter the stylesheets to get them working though.  As I recall I did 
some changes on template matches along these lines:


 <xsl:template match="@href or @src">


 <xsl:template match="@*[name()='href' or name()='src']">

Its been a while but as I recall it was related to namespace issues and 
the default namespace.  Also I had never put the cocoon distribution of 
xalan in my jdk lib/endorsed directory as described in the installation 
documentation (note to self: probably should do this)


Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> Hi Guys
> I am moving a project :
>     <> (temp URL)
> from a very old Cocoon2.x to Cocoon 2.1-dev and have an XSLT 
> StyleSheet that works with Xalan but not with XSLTC (no useful error 
> reports).
> I can't find now, who these problems should be reported to.
> Anyone remember (it's been a while since problems like this were last 
> happening)?
> Thanks for any help
> regards Jeremy

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