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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [vote] Forrestizing Cocoon and more
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 10:08:39 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>>Stephan Michels wrote:
>>>Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> <snip/>
>>So, at the end, here is what I propose:
>>1) we remove all the old docs targets from the build
> To remove the "build docs" target, i agree.
> To remove the webapp docs generation, i do not agree.


>>2) documentation will be done thru forrest. This requires forrest be 
>>available on the machine separately. since users won't update the 
>>documentation this should not be a problem.
> But we do want to encourage the users to update doco and send
> patches. So i would not use them as an excuse.

I'm not finding excuses, David, I'm trying to move this shit forward and 
the dependencies between cocoon and forrest are *SO* interconnected that 
I could not find a solution to the problem.

Moreover, to be honest, I think that we should aim to improve 
forrest/lenya and make it a structured wiki and setup a CMS and point 
users to that for editing.

that's the only way they can help up writing docs because our current 
xdocs-patch workflow is too much a stinking pain in the ass.

>>3) we ship the pregenerated documentation in the distribution and we 
>>ship along the xml source files. if the documentation is included in the 
>>webapp cocoon will simply *read* them (not process them as right now).
> Why would you want many megabytes of generated docs
> in the cvs? This seems to defeat the purpose of Cocoon.
> Surely there is a way for Cocoon to continue to generate
> its own doco via its webapp.

yes, there is: ship forrest skins and xml/xslt machinery with cocoon.

> We had some discussion about that on cocoon-docs
> but there did not seem to be any followup.
>  Re: Stages of Forrest Transition


>>4) this breaks the flow samples that depend on those stylesheets but 
>>they are going to be refactored anyway, so don't worry.
>>5) finally, remove all the doc-generation stylesheets from the CVS
>>what do you think?
> That an xml framework that needs to deliver pre-built
> documentation is an old hack.

I agree, but any other solution would leave to a duplication of effort 
between cocoon and forrest and I'm not sure this is worth the hackiness 
of shipping prebuilt docs.


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