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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [rant] Re: [vote] micro-decision for docs: creation of cocoon-docs CVS module
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 09:23:01 GMT
Pier Fumagalli wrote:
> On 24/3/03 3:09 pm, "Stefano Mazzocchi" <> wrote:
>>Anyway, we can't force people to do anything: if they won't migrate from
>>2.0, we have failed and we should start reconsidering our architectural
>>strategies because our user base is not following us.
> Hmm.. I don't think you're right on this, Stefano... Look at HTTPd, still a
> lot of people are using 1.3, when 2.0 is delivering (for example) _A_LOT_
> more performance than the old tree...
> Still, a huge part of the user base didn't "switch" just yet...

key words: 'just yet'.

I didn't say "how long". AFAIK, many people are still using Cocoon 1.8.2 
in production and it's been running for two years without failing once.

Yet, everybody considers Cocoon 1.x dead and no development is taking 
place anymore and nobody objects it.

Cocoon 2.0.x will remain there potentially for years and will be used 
for many more in production environments.

Still, if development doesn't move on and transition isn't smooth, we 
are actually forking the project.

If development on HTTPD continues on both fronts, they failed since the 
community shows that 2.0 is nothing better than what they already had.

i don't think this is the case, I think it's just a matter of time.

As it will be for Cocoon 2.1.

if a project creates a new generation and their development base splits, 
they are, in fact, forking the project.

See Tomcat.

This is the *worst* thing that can happen to an open source project. 
Luckily, Apache is very tollerant at forced cohabitation and eventually, 
split development bases remerge down the road.


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