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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: cvs disruption
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2003 09:53:07 GMT
Diana Shannon wrote:

> Perhaps the best thing is to simply 
> throw it in the cvs and let everyone help finish the work -- as is 
> happening right now.

Apache is a meritocracy but that's from the outside.

Inside, we are all equal so once you get it can either be a democracy 
(ask first, wait for momentum to build, potentially forever) or a 
do-ocracy (do first, rollback if they jump on you or keep going if you 
feel you're right).

Diana or anybody else: there is something that bugs you and nobody is 
stepping up to the plate to do it and no momentum is building and nobody 
seems to care?

just do it!

momentum doesn't build by itself. it *never* does. it takes energy and 
time and effort to have that wheel turning.

I want forrestbot, I want a better publishing infrastructure, I want the 
ability to have a wiki on top of forrest that dumps documents in xdocs 
and uses Sylvain CVS writeablesource to save them into the CVS repository!

So, either you do it or I'll do it. Disruptive or not I don't care: just 
let's move on, for &deity;'s sake.

You can't cook without making a mess in the chitchen. But as long as you 
are the one cleaning up, nobody can complain, expecially if the food 
comes up great :)

[and those of you who experienced my cooking know what I'm talking about :)]


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