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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: cvs disruption
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2003 22:23:39 GMT
On 21/03/2003 21:42 Diana Shannon wrote:
> On Friday, March 21, 2003, at 08:15  AM, Steven Noels wrote:
>> There's movement on the -docs list and perhaps also a Forrest quantum 
>> leap blossoming, so we'd better do this before or after this assumably 
>> disruptive step.
> I also wanted to state strongly that I don't believe Forrest transition 
> needs to "disrupt" the Cocoon 2.1 repo. In spite of recent work that was 
> just committed, and in spite of the fact this already impacts doc 
> building, it remains possible to test the transition completely outside 
> of the cvs and check in files only when we are finished -- and if the 

sure, but when we never check in a temporarily, possibly broken state of 
the docs mid-process, this will be a one (wo)man job

there's a lot of stuff out there and we should be able to work on this 
as a team. Even if the transition is carefully documented (as you 
already did at great length), I assume there might be issues, and then 
it would be good to have a common set of working files, in CVS, when 
issues arise.

am I right?

> Cocoon project decides it **wants** Forrest (which has never been 
> subject to a vote). Up to now, I and a few others were pursuing a more 
> cvs-friendly approach where transition files were checked into Forrest 
> cvs for others to expand/test. Problem is, this approach doesn't attract 
> much positive attention, although at least it doesn't attract any 
> negative attention either.

yeah. Honestly, I'm a bit dispassionate about them since they only serve 
Cocoon's progress, and Forrest, while intimately linked to Cocoon and 
its community, should be 'customer'-neutral IMHO

Already, we see plenty of fixes in Forrest because of Cocoon coming in 
and making use of it, and these should be made to Forrest proper, and 
not to some Cocoon-private area

> I'm just concerned that some people may remain "bruised" from the recent 
> cvs problems that came about from upgrading the build. If anyone has a 
> problem with in-process Forrest files in the Cocoon cvs, we can adjust 
> course and pursue a more cvs-sensitive approach. Still, I think I may be 
> too conservative about these things. Perhaps the best thing is to simply 
> throw it in the cvs and let everyone help finish the work -- as is 
> happening right now.

I guess so. We, the doco people, also have the right to do disruptive 
things! ;-)

> Just looking for some advice.

Does it help? Just trying to figure out myself...

Cheers, DiaƱa! ;-)

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